Friday, January 11, 2013

What is ESSENTIAL to an effective ad campaign?

NEVER forget that your advertising/promotional material is how the market perceives your business and (is a direct link to) your image. It doesn’t matter if your sales are in the thousands or the millions, market perception and a strong image are essential to an effective campaign.

Let's take the NMI Carpet Cleaning sample I've attached as an example. (

The artwork you are looking at was a mailer. A post card with a very effective hook. The look of poor ‘Emma the dog’ & her dilemma - makes you want to turn the card over - which offers the consumer $25 off of NMI services (and had a validity date). This mail merge was a single facet to a fully reinforced campaign for 2009.

If there is one thing that I pontificate more than strategy - it's that “it doesn’t have to be expensive”. That's right, it doesn't have to be expensive but always make sure it looks like it does!

All campaigns can be easily, and should be, fully costed (with a measureable response level) before they kick off. Always use your businesses personal economy of scale to make solid financial decisions. Make sure you understand the results.

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