Saturday, May 5, 2012


E-mail & electronic newsletter campaigns are a proven way to not only stay in touch with existing clients, but an excellent way to recruit new ones.

One word of warning; just because they can be inexpensive (in comparison to some other options) DO NOT ignore your basic direct marketing guidelines.

Your first impression in this medium is an important one, so be sure you plan your approach properly and always test your message before sending it to your contact lists.

Ensure you have a controlled message that isn't too overwhelming (keep your eye on file size) and remember more isn’t always better… it’s generally just more. Also, for the best results, it is critical that you make sure your sales team does the proper follow up!

The electronic medium is really no different than any other advertising medium you might spend money in. Always track any/all results and trends that may appear to ensure your money will be very well spent.