Sunday, October 14, 2012


Wondering why your web hits have dropped drastically?

Well, after you've created a website, you need to have a plan in place to keep it updated, it’s vital. Why?... Because your website is static rather than dynamic and keeping it fresh is the easiest way to retain the public appeal businesses so desperately strive for.

Now let me quantify what I mean about updated. ‘Updating’ your website encapsulates so much more than just brushing up the content and though I am first to stand on my soapbox and pontificate that good clean writing is critical - there are definitely other factors equally/more important:

1. Optimization is the key. Mass visitors are directed to websites with a high page ranking and this is achieved by tactical page linking. This is critical for success and should be regularly monitored.
2. Test all of your site feeds regularly. Ensure all site feeds run smoothly ensuring a steady stream of sales traffic. (Any keyword bidding should also be monitored and analyzed to ensure monies are not being wasted.)
3. Keep all of your synergies current. Don’t just post your promotional vignette on YouTube. Stream is through your website, Facebook and My Space account. All four will band together to increase your overall traffic. Remember, you have an obligation to your business to always understand any new technology offerings.
4. Keep your calendar of events and all photos fresh. All web-users are looking for interaction they will not continue to return if it looks like you aren’t paying attention to their ongoing needs.
5. BLOG! Don’t let it weigh you down – just have a plan and do it. It works. (Make sure it's properly embedded for success.)
6. Never... EVER... let your website look tired. In today’s questionable economy utilize the resources you have in place to save overall dollars but don’t expect a tired mule to perform like a stallion!

Rhondi’s Rule #49: More isn’t necessarily better – it’s just more. Don’t confuse your visitors with too much FLASH and manage the GLITZ. It looks like you are trying too hard.