Friday, September 20, 2013


The very first step to successful business branding is making sure WHAT YOU SAY & BELIEVE YOU ARE as a business is truthful. (Not only how the business is being run on a day to day basis, but how it is perceived within your market.) Accurately portraying your brand image in your marketplace is critical.

At a macro level, this may seem obvious, but research show that most companies don’t develop brand strategies honestly. In fact, the majority of businesses conclude why the consumer buys from them and when tracked, their overall ranking drops. (In a nut shell, other more relevant things emerge from the consumer in quantifying their reasoning as to 'why' they purchased goods and/or services from you.)

Remember that the brand promise you project should be the brand promise your customers want most. Otherwise, your investment in branding is more expensive than need be. Ask the question! (..and ensure your sales and marketing efforts have optimal synergies to increase results.)

Do your business a favour. Don't ever attempt to answer this question yourself! (Ask anyone and everyone except yourself.) Ask your customers. Ask your prospects. Ask your colleagues and never assume that you know best.

You know what happens when we assume!