Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why Advertise?

One of the most common questions I get is why do I have to advertise? Talk about a loaded question. In a nut shell, if executed properly, its purpose is to stimulate either economic and/or social growth – simple but true.

Funny Story – The ad driving you to this blog is the very first I have ever designed to market myself. (Prior to the campaign you’ll see throughout 2008, I relied on several memberships, networking & referrals, which to date have converted nicely.) So why implement a campaign now?

As business systems and supply chains became more efficient, the overall business successfully became (as expected) more productive. So -- How do you reach new customers? Remind happy clients about the business? Maintain morale of the team? …Advertise!

Advertising is a very important facet of any business but remember that it’s never as simple as paying for space. You should always have a strategy. A strong reinforcement to the statistical data your business has produced.

Understanding your market and understanding your research is critical. Remember that any strategy should compliment extensive analysis.

Have a question? Go ahead and ask.....