Friday, January 27, 2012

What is a blog? Is it different than a website?

It goes back to my last post referring to strategy and knowing what works best for your particular business. High road in view, I refuse to weigh in on one being better than the other (blog vs. website) because one is dynamic and the other is static.

Please don’t misunderstand. Though embarrassed to admit, I have paid for several domain names ( for the last few years but have always struggled to find the best approach. Once I began understanding blogging I realized it was the perfect fit for IDP.

Where websites gear to the viewer - blogs gear to the reader. Blogs are about conversation (and in business any strategic approach begins in conversation) which makes it the perfect fit! Clients can leave comments or ask questions and blogs are as simple as emailing. Anyone can weigh in – real time - think instant messaging.

Like anything 'this vs. that' it's always a double-edge sword. Either way, it is proven statistically, that only one thing makes people return to any site – blog or web – and that’s great content. In the end I am writing for my readers. Enjoy!