Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Like any advertising, a billboard should be strategically designed to maximize your market reach. A traveler has approximately 3 seconds to read a billboard so your message needs to be extremely targeted.

The post-it note you see in my example, is twelve feet square, with a strong back-shadow for effect. The message is clear.
(http://www.diamondsedge.ca/) (http://www.diamondintheruff.com/)
The concept appeared in all print advertising and the catch phrase was the lead for all radio advertising as well. It was a very well researched marketing approach.

Remember - the purpose of a billboard is to reinforce other material you have distributed within your market. General rule of thumb? A good billboard can generate 3-5% of your leads so the expense should never exceed that in your plan. Rent is set using a metric called “impressions” so understand your location and expected travel before you sign a contract.

In the world of billboards – never lose sight that - Less is Always MORE!

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