Friday, January 13, 2012

What is Good Public Relations?

Good public relations (or PR), is about more than just writing and sending out press releases, it’s about making a connection on an emotional level that creates a sure image.

PR is a perception that creates a buzz around your business – and if done properly, generates positive feedback about what you do, what you say, and what others say about you.

A stellar business reputation is not earned overnight. As a business owner you should never execute a public relations approach as a band-aid but embrace it as an ongoing strategic approach that will enhance and protect your brand/image long-term

A good PR approach takes time and effort to plan and even more energy to maintain. Your chosen representative should be packed with knowledge about your business because it will be their responsibility to manage the buzz.
Their general purpose will be to influence opinions (and possibly behaviors) within your overall market; so make sure they have a firm understanding of your business and offer you an absolute approach and unconditional support. Never lose sight that your business image and credibility must be carefully managed. Respect is earned, and may be quickly lost if your consumer base discovers words and actions they observe are misleading and/or false.

The key to great PR is three pronged; the foundation of your message, the strategic delivery of it and lastly the ‘spin doctor’ that represents it. PR is a discipline that needs management and should feed strategically into your overall marketing approach.